Cause of Device-Related Incident
*Not stated

Clinical Specialty or Hospital Department
Anesthesia; OR / Surgery; Otolaryngology

Device Factors
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Document Type
Checklists/Emergency Procedures

External Factors
*Not stated

Mechanism of Injury or Death

Support System Failures
*Not stated

Tampering and/or Sabotage
*Not stated

User Errors
*Not stated

Fighting Fires on the Surgical Patient

Emergency Procedure

Review before each surgical procedure.

In the event of a small fire on the patient, immediately:

  • Pat out or smother the fire, or remove the burning material from the patient.

In the event of a large fire on the patient, immediately:

  • Stop the flow of breathing gases to the patient.
  • Remove the burning material from the patient.

Have another team member extinguish the burning material.

If needed, use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire involving the patient.

  • Care for the patient.

Resume patient ventilation.

Control bleeding.

Evacuate the patient if the room is dangerous from smoke or fire.

Examine the patient for injuries and treat accordingly.

  • If the fire is not quickly controlled, notify other OR staff and the fire department that a fire has occurred.

Isolate the room to contain smoke and fire.

Save involved materials and devices for later investigation.

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