Anesthesia Ventilators: Ease the Tedium, Not the Responsibility


Before use, check for:

  • Leaks in bellows and anesthesia system
  • Connection of scavenging system to ventilator and patient circuit
  • Correct pressure limit
  • Approximate ventilation variables

When turning ventilator on, check that:

  • Pop-off valve is shut
  • Low-pressure alarm is on

During use, watch for changes in tidal volume caused by:

  • Repositioning patient
  • Surgical procedures
  • Anesthesia
  • PEEP


  • Ventilators do not provide the "feel" of a reservoir bag and may not deliver the volume indicated by the bellows. Protect your patients with:

— A spirometer (respirometer) in the exhalation line

A low-pressure alarm to signal disconnects

A stethoscope to listen for breath sounds

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