Cause of Device-Related Incident
*Not stated

Clinical Specialty or Hospital Department
CCU / ICU / NICU; Home Healthcare; Pulmonary / Respiratory Therapy

Device Factors
*Not stated

Document Type

External Factors
*Not stated

Mechanism of Injury or Death
Hyperthermia; Infection

Support System Failures
*Not stated

Tampering and/or Sabotage
*Not stated

User Errors
*Not stated

Use Heated Nebulizers Properly


  • Be sure nebulizer has been sterilized before use. Don't compromise sterility in handling.
  • Don't overfill reservoir. Use single-distilled (not just sterile) water.
  • O2 flow is limited by the nebulizer jet. Two nebulizers may be needed to meet inspiratory demand with high O2 concentrations.
  • Don't connect aerosol to patient before heater has fully warmed up. Check mist temperature regularly at patient end of tubing using a continuous, in-line thermometer.
  • Don't let accumulated moisture in aerosol tubing drain into the patient or contaminate the reservoir. Position tubing carefully, and drain periodically from patient end. When possible, use condensation collection devices.
  • If the nebulizer does not produce a visible mist, check for blocked gas or liquid orifice; clear with fine wire.
  • Never fully immerse heaters during cleaning or disinfection. Follow manufacturer's instructions.

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