Cause of Device-Related Incident
*Not stated

Clinical Specialty or Hospital Department
CCU / ICU / NICU; Pulmonary / Respiratory Therapy

Device Factors
*Not stated

Document Type

External Factors
*Not stated

Mechanism of Injury or Death
Burn (electrical, thermal, chemical); Infection

Support System Failures
*Not stated

Tampering and/or Sabotage
*Not stated

User Errors
*Not stated

Heated Humidifiers


Watch out for:

  • Excessively hot gas to the patient when flow rates are changed
  • Excessive condensation in the inspiratory hose that may drown the patient or prevent ventilation
  • Cross-infection

Before use, check for:

  • Patient inspiratory temperature monitor in place
  • Gas flow in proper direction
  • Alarms set for 40° C or lower
  • Inspiratory hose sloped to drain condensation away from patient into trap
  • Use of sterile distilled water (unless using a unit designed to accept nonsterile water)
  • Water flow from proper type of remote reservoir
  • Sufficient time for wicks to saturate

During use:

  • Check for water accumulation in inspiratory hose
  • Set patient inspiratory temperature at 35° C or lower
  • Change flow rate slowly and adjust thermostat to avoid temperature overshoot
  • Keep water level above minimum indicated level

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