Antishock Trousers May Support Life--Deflate with Care


  • NEVER deflate unless experienced with antishock trousers.
  • NEVER allow deflation by untrained personnel.
  • NEVER deflate prematurely. Wait for qualified clinician to take charge.
  • NEVER deflate quickly except for IMMEDIATE surgery.
  • NEVER remove antishock trousers before proper deflation.

Before deflation:

  • Monitor blood pressure every 3 to 5 minutes. If indicated:

Start IV fluid therapy.

Monitor ECG.

Take x-rays.

Assemble standby surgical and anesthesiology teams.

How to deflate:

  • Obtain approval from attending physician with antishock trouser experience.
  • Continue blood pressure monitoring.
  • Deflate slowly, abdomen section first if multichambered.
  • Stop deflation when systolic pressure drops 5 mm Hg. Resume after IV fluids restore blood pressure level.
  • If blood pressure fails to recover, complete deflation in operating room with surgical attendance.

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