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Chambers, Hyperbaric [12-061]

Using Portable Hyperbaric O2 Chambers in Patient Rooms

User Experience Network™ [Health Devices Oct 1989;18(10):366]


Is it safe to use portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers in patient care rooms? We intend to use these devices for wound therapy on limbs.


We believe that it is safe to use these devices in patients rooms as long as you take certain precautions. Many of these precautions are outlined in chapter 19 of  NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities (although much of this chapter applies to multiple occupancy or full-body chambers).

In general, you should take the same precautions with portable hyperbaric chambers as you would with any devices that create an oxygen-enriched atmosphere (oxygen hoods, ventilators, and oxygen masks and cannulas):

  • Remove all highly combustible materials from the room.
  • Measure the level of oxygen at various distances from the device during operation and after operation with the chamber fully vented to atmosphere.
  • Place any electrical appliances (e.g., televisions) not listed for use in an oxygen-enriched environment at least five ft from any point where greater than 23.5% oxygen is measured during the oxygen test.
  • Move equipment or personal items (e.g., clothing, jewelry) likely to produce static discharges at least five ft from the patient.
  • Place the hyperbaric chambers on a regular preventive maintenance schedule for cleaning and to verify proper operation.
  • Remove any debris or grease from the devices before use or after servicing.


Chambers, Hyperbaric [12-061]

Mechanism of Injury or Death


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